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As a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker I am specially trained to individually tailor interventions in order to best serve the client. The most commonly used interventions in my practice are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Affect Identification and Regulation. I am additionally trained in Trauma Treatment, Expressive Art & Play Therapy, and Talk Therapy however, my skill set also includes but is not limited to: Anger and Stress Management, Crisis Intervention, Controlled Exposure Techniques, Psychotherapy, Behavioral Modification, and Motivational Interviewing. Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Universalizing & Stabilization Skills, and Relaxation & Grounding Skills are additional valued tools provided to the client on an individually needed basis. Establishing goals and interventions is a collaborative dyad process. Doing so provides the client, or family, with a sense of control regarding the direction of their treatment and thus their mental wellbeing.

It is part of a social workers code of ethics to always be open to, and involved with new empirical studies concerning theories and interventions pertinent to the client population. I have and will continue to further my clinical knowledge through new courses and current up to date educational information. Social work is a profession that is ever evolving, and keeping current with information is a personal and professional responsibility of social workers, and in doing so the client is provided with competent and quality services.


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