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Our Mission

Individualized support

Waterbury Integrative Health was established into order to provide our community with a more comprehensive and individualized approach to health. Our overall goal is to partner with each individual patient in order to create a supportive space in which restoration of whole person wellness can be found. We believe that the best providers help patients to help themselves, and that patients will only get out of their treatment what they put into it. Our role as providers is to offer support and guidance as patients work to improve themselves. We believe in equal access to care no matter gender, sex, race, ethnicity, religion, orientation, age, profession, mental or physically capability.

Skilled Providers

Each individual provider has been chosen for their unique skill set, experience and expertise in their field. By offering patients a dynamic healthcare team with varying skill sets, we are able to more thoroughly support patients on their individualized journey to health. In establishing respectful, safe, and comfortable working relationships, we find that patients thrive. Our providers are thoroughly trained and licensed by the state of Vermont in their individual profession. Moreover, all providers are committed to quality of care, and therefore undergo continuing education to best serve the patient.

Navigating health

Today’s medical paradigm can be difficult to navigate alone. Receiving the care you need without the support of a practitioner who not only “knows the ropes”, but also knows you as an individual can be difficult. We focus on making sure that patients receive the quality care they need and deserve—while also maintaining respect for boundaries, goals, religious beliefs and personal preferences. By truly knowing and understanding our patients, we are in a way offering a health care support system. This support system is furthered developed by the collaborative nature of Waterbury Integrative Health. We also work to extend our collaborative efforts by reaching out to other providers who may be involved in the patient’s care. This of course is only done as dictated by the patient’s individual case and only after permission is sought. We believe that each provider and each field of care has something to offer. In harmoniously bringing differing specialties together, we ensure continuity and thus the highest quality of care.

Our clinic

We love our clinic and we hope you do too! We value a relaxed and private setting, and we thus welcome feedback as to how we can best meet your needs. Feeling safe, comfortable, and at home in a clinical setting is of utmost importance to patient care. The building itself, as well as our clinic space is handicapped accessible. In respect of varying socioeconomic status, we not only offer parking, but we are also located on a local bus route. As with all healthcare establishments, we are HIPPA compliant.

Actions are louder than words

As providers we believe that you can only care for others after you have cared for yourself, which is why we practice what we preach. We believe self-care, so that we may best serve others from a space of sound mind, body and spirit.


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