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Waterbury Integrative Health was established into order to provide our community with a more comprehensive and individualized approach to health. Our overall goal is to partner with each individual patient in order to create a supportive space in which restoration of whole person wellness can be found. We believe that the best providers help patients to help themselves, and that patients will only get out of their treatment what they put into it. Our role as providers is to offer support and guidance as patients work to improve themselves. We believe in equal access to care no matter... Read More

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  Healthy Tip #2:  Hot Flashes and Menopause Approximately 25% of women can start to experience hot flashes well before the onset of menopause. Moreover, some women can continue to experience hot flashes for 15 years or more after their last menstrual period. Previously it was suspected that hot flashes were common amongst all women undergoing menopause. However, recent research is starting to indicate that perhaps disproportionately occurring hot flashes may be indicative of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, if you find yourself battling hot flashes often it may be time to undergo a cardiovascular screening. Some women do find help with supplementing with bio-identical hormones

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@DrLaurenTessier RT @DrLaurenTessier: The best way to prevent #moldillness after having been exposed is to #remediate by removing the porous items that have…
Thu Aug 23 13:16:14 +0000 2018
@DrLaurenTessier RT @DrLaurenTessier: Dead #mold is not safe mold. Even if mold has been killed via chemical or #biocide there is still potential for dead m…
Thu Aug 16 13:16:20 +0000 2018